Mad Men Season 6 Drinking Game

With the new season of Mad Men now part of the way down, might as well roll out a new drinking game. Like with The Walking Dead, this is more focused on the characters that are known in season 6. It would be a little pointless to have drinks for Lane. So, take a look and feel free to add your own. I’m sure we missed some good ones. Enjoy playing this one with your favorite cocktail!


1 Drink
–    A main character lights up a cigarette
–    A main character pours a drink
–    Don is wearing a hat
–    The interior of Roger’s office is shown; bonus if he has a drink in-hand
–    Ted makes an appearance; bonus if he has a snippy exchange with Don
–    Two characters get into a public fight in the office

2 Drinks
–    Don has sex with someone that isn’t Megan
–    Don is riding in an elevator
–    Joan gives someone a death stare or bitches them out
–    Someone cries
–    Peggy and Stan talk on the phone
–    Someone walks up or down the SCDP office stairs
–    There is a scene in a bar or restaurant; bonus if someone doesn’t have a drink

3 Drinks
–    Bert actually talks
–    Harry acts like a dick concerning company business
–    A reference is made to a political or cultural even that actually occurred during the time of the series
–    Betty says something bitchy to Sally
–    People are shown having a meeting in the SCDP conference room

–    Pete inexplicably gets a woman he just met to have sex with him
–    Bobby actually gets to speak
–    Megan makes an appearance in the SCDP offices
–    Someone gets fired; bonus drink if they get rehired in the same episode
–    A character drinks from a bottle of liquor
–    A woman is seen not wearing a dress or skirt


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