Breaking Bad Drinking Game

Check out our Breaking Bad drinking game! No better way to celebrate the final episodes than by getting hammered.


1 Drink
–    Jesse says bitch
–    Someone calls Walt Walter
–    Skyler’s old ass SUV is shown
–    Walt and Jesse talk on the phone
–    Walt asks someone if they are stupid
–    Someone is talking to Saul in his office
–    Gretchen or Elliott are mentioned

2 Drinks
–    Jesse smokes meth
–    Walt is actually in the classroom
–    Hank insults Gomez
–    The White family is seen eating at the table
–    Walter Junior uses a profanity
–    Walter Junior’s friend Lewis is mentioned
–    Skyler puts on lotion

3 Drinks
–    Skyler hangs up on Walt
–    Walt’s glasses fall off
–    The outside of the White home is shown +1 Bonus if it is the pool
–    Walt is shown talking to his doctor in his office
–    Ted makes a non-so-subtle pass at Skyler
–    Someone uses Heisenberg +1 bonus if they are talking directly to Walt

–    Walt kills someone
–    Walt and Skyler have sex
–    Walt is in Saul’s waiting room
–    Jesse uses Walt or Walter instead of Mr White


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