Review Of Odell Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout

Bottle and glass of Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout.

Bottle and glass of Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout.

With as many of their beers as I’ve tried in the past, it is hard to believe there hasn’t been a review of a beer from Odell. I’d say as good a place to start is with my favorite of theirs, Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout. I think stouts and porters are my favorite type of beer, and I especially like to see brewery’s takes on chocolate milk stouts. While the outcome of the review isn’t in doubt, since this isn’t the first time I’ve had this beer, keep reading to see why I enjoy it.

Taste: A So, as you might expect after the intro, I really like this beer. I believe I first had it in St Louis awhile back on draft and was hooked. Now, every year I go back there in February, I’m always picking up a couple four packs to bring home. When you first drink this beer, you get the chocolately notes right off the bat, however, it isn’t as rich a flavor as some in this genre. There is some hint of coffee, but overall, this is like drinking a higher cacao content chocolate bar, just the way I like it! It does have a slight bitterness, but certainly nothing overpowering or detracting from the smoothness of it. If you like a quality dark chocolate bar, you’ll like this beer. I also like it because it isn’t as sweet as some of these stouts, like Creme Brulee from Southern Tier. That is certainly a sampling beer, whereas Lugene is a 12-ouncer you can drink on your own with no issues.

Value: B+ This is a seasonal for Odell, so it is a little higher price, but I believe I paid $8.99 for a four-pack. Since it is 8.5%, I’ll take that actually picked up two four-packs to bring home. This beer lasts a bit longer as well, because you drink one every few weeks and don’t chug it down like some Bud Light swill. I actually forgot about one of my packs in the basement and discovered it the other day. Yay, me!

Odell has a cool tasting room area that is even larger than New Belgium's. This room was nice, but the best part was the expansive patio with some nice rock landscaping.

A photo of the Odell tasting room.

Drunkenness: A- This is always a category that doesn’t make a lot of sense for our craft beer reviews, but I’ll do it anyway. This beer ranks fairly high because it is 8.5% and is very drinkable. The only downside is that milk stouts always start to give my mouth a little bit of a coating, so I’d have to add in some glasses of water if I was going to try and get blitzed on this beer. While this category was designed more for shit-box malt liquors, I suppose you could call it Buzz Factor for craft beer. I typically switch from quality beer to swill once I start to get drunk, but I could easily get a little buzz going from drinking Lugene and there is nothing wrong with that!

Overall: A This really is one of my favorite beers out there. While we don’t get Odell in Indiana, I’m fortunate enough to visit St Louis 2 or 3 times a year, which has a ready supply of many of their brews. Even more fortunate, one of those times is always during peak season of this beer, February. I’d recommend this beer for fans of milk and chocolate milk stouts. In fact, I’d recommend most any Odell beer. As my track jacket from our trip to their brewery is testament, I think they make some damn fine beer!

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