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The Seinfeld Drinking Game

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This is a perfect game for the Seinfeld fan, especially since it now runs about 18 times a day.  So any time during the day you like drinking, chances are that there will be some Seinfeld on to play along with!  The thing about this game (hopefully it is good to admit this) is that it is completely written by me.  I saw some other Seinfeld drinking games on the net but they didn't have the variety and quantity of various scenarios that this one has.  It's a good start and more may be added later.  But for all you Seinfeld fans out there, enjoy!

Bass line plays - 1 Drink
An episode begins without Jerry doing stand-up - 2 Drinks
An episode begins with Jerry doing stand-up - 1 Drink
Every time a character takes a sip of coffee - Take a drink with them
A shot of the "Restaurant" is shown - 1 Drink
Any character is called by the wrong name - 3 Drinks

Kramer busts through the door - 2 Drinks
Kramer mentions "his friend" Bob Sacamanto - 2 Drinks
Kramer says "Giddy-up!" - 1 Drink
Kramer says "Oh YEAH!" - 2 Drinks
Kramer comes in with a golf club or bag of clubs - 2 Drinks
Kramer takes some of Jerry's food or drinks - 1 Drink for each thing taken
Kramer is smoking a cigar - 1 Drink
Kramer says "You better believe it" - 1 Drink
Kramer's car muffler shoots like a gun when he starts it - 3 Drinks
Kramer mentions an idea he had - 1 Drink
Kramer mentions not having a specific piece of furniture in his apartment - 3 Drinks
Kramer's mother, Babs, makes an appearance - 4 Drinks
Kramer is referred to as Cosmo - 2 Drinks

Jerry says "Newman!" - 1 Drink
Jerry mentions laundry - 2 Drinks
Jerry answers his buzzer - 1 Drink
Jerry talks on the phone - Drink until he hangs up
Jerry runs into Uncle Leo - 2 Drinks
Jerry mentions a show he is doing or did - 2 Drinks
Jerry throws something away for sanitary reasons - 2 Drinks
Jerry throws something away for any other reason - 1 Drink
Jerry says "Who are you....?" followed by someone's name - 2 Drinks
Jerry parents call from Florida - 2 Drinks
Jerry says "That's a shame" - 2 Drinks

Elaine calls someone a jackass - 3 Drinks
Elaine starts to say a swear word but is cut off - 2 Drinks
Elaine mentions her roommate - 2 Drinks
Elaine dances - Drink quickly until she stops
Elaine is in a scene wearing glasses - 2 Drinks
Elaine hangs up her coat/purse in Jerry's apartment - 1 Drink
Elaine puts her coat/purse anywhere else - 2 Drinks
Elaine and Putty break up - 2 Drinks
Elaine calls someone a duphus - 2 Drinks

George mentions his parents - 1 Drink for every instance of "my parents"
George's baldness is mentioned - 1 Drink
George mentions Mr. Steinbrenner - 1 Drink
George starts to leave Steinbreener's office while he's still talking - 2 Drinks
George goes on a rant - Drink until he's finished
George says "vault" - 1 Drink
George doesn't tell the truth when asked about Susan's death - 4 drinks
George orders a dessert - 2 Drinks
George gets dumped - 3 Drinks
George tells someone's secret - 2 Drinks
George doesn't have his shirt on - 3 Drinks
George takes his glasses off - 2 Drinks

Newman mentions a food - 1 Drink
Newman is wearing something representing the US Postal Service - 2 Drinks
Newman goes on a rant about something - Drink until he's finished

Mr. Peterman is referred to as J. Peterman - 3 Drinks
Mr. Peterman mentions a foreign country - 1 Drink
Mr. Peterman talks about drugs - 2 Drinks
Mr. Peterman says "Chop chop!" - 2 Drinks

Kenny Banya appears in an episode - 2 Drinks
Kenny Banya says "Ovaltine" - 1 Drink every time

Mr. Costanza is speaking, then hesitates and says an uncommon word - 2 Drinks
Mr. Costanza has his glasses on - 1 Drink
Mr. Costanza slaps George on the forehead - 2 Drinks

Mrs. Costanza mentions making some kind of food - 1 Drink
Mrs. Costanza yells at Mr. Costanza - 1 Drink

Mr. and Mrs. Ross make an appearance - 1 Drink
Mrs. Ross is drinking - Drink along with her
Mr. Ross complains about something - 2 Drinks


If a well-known celebrity is in an episode, someone has to call out their real life name when they first make an appearance.  The other people who didn't call it in time have to take 2 drinks each.  If no one calls it, no one has to drink.

For the really avid fans: start quoting lines in an episode as they happen.  As each person screws up a line or word, they have to drink until one person is still left quoting and they screw up.

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